5 Themes of Geography in Rome


Climate Throughout the Year

The Mediterranean climate makes Rome a rather warm place.  The summer's season last about six months, from May to October.  The average high temperature throughout the year is 68.9°F.  July is usually the warmest month of the year at an average of 86.7°F.  The winter's seasons is usually mild and rainy.  The coolest month being January with an average high of 53.2

This is a graph of the climate and weather in Rome. The data was taken from the Rome Ciampino Airport


Since Rome is in a warmer climate, it has an average of about 2,473 hours of sunshine per year.    Otherwise, the usual precipitation in Rome is rain.  November gets the most precipitation out of all the months with approximately five inches of rain.  The driest month in the year is July with not even an inch of rain in Rome!  The average yearly precipitation is about 34 inches of rain.  

Streets of Rome as it rains.

Human Activities

The land in Rome is used for fruit, cereal, livestock, and truck [1] farming.  There are also vineyards where they grow grapes to make wine.  In addition, Rome is a popular place to get olives. Sardines are another one of Italy's favorites, which is located off the coast of Rome.  Other than just farming, Rome is the location of many large industries. 

[1] Truck farming: Growing vegetables to sell in markets 

Fruit farming